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Gta Samp ID Object + Game Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 6, 2016. GTASA Objects ID. Bãi Biển và Đại đương. Chung. Thuyền, Bến cảng và trụ cầu. ... 0.3.7 Extra Objects (replacing old unused object IDs) Signs, Billboards and Statues. Người đăng: XboPenguin vào lúc 03:35. Все лучшее для gta и samp: моды, скрипты, статьи по настройке, читы, программы. If a light object is attached to a car and the car is rotated over 16.26 degrees (like in a rollover), the object will also stop emitting light. This is a GTA:SA issue and is not caused by a bug in SA-MP. In case the light is attached to another object, one fix for this is to set SyncRotation to false in AttachObjectToObject. This will ensure ....
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